Thava Alagu

Software Consultant



Software solutions architect with overall two decades of experience with strong technical knowledge with keen attention to details. Specializes on providing solutions for complex business problems involving large scale data. Known for having sound architecture skills to use right tools for the problems in hand.

Areas of expertise includes:

  • Big data / Hadoop / Spark - Strategy, Design and Development
  • NoSQL and Relational - HBASE, MongoDB, Redis, Berkeley DB, MySQL, Postgres
  • Web Technologies - Node.js/Express, Java/Spring, Python/Django, LAMP, MEAN
  • Custom Tools - Rapid development of Python based tools
  • Author of Python Programming E-Book



Software Solutions Consultant

Zatvia Systems


Consultancy services for various software solutions involving large scale data. Working for Quadrant4 Systems Corporation , USA, involved in following projects:

Programmatic Buying Platform

Design and development of online system for buying advertisement slots for Cablevision Media Solutions .

ARIMA Monitoring Framework

Involved in design and development of ARIMA Monitoring framework for realtime monitoring and alarm generation. This enables dashboard based monitoring of dataflow and also asynchronous notification in case of suspected error conditions based on various metrics. This is critical during migration into new platforms from current heterogenous environment. This involved following technologies apart from various other supporting legacy systems and technologies:

  • HDFS for file storage.
  • Apache Spark for data processing as plugin module which can use Scala or pyspark API.
  • KAFKA for data streaming/ingestion
  • HBASE and Redshift for databases
  • R and Python for data analytics to detect outliers for alarm generation

Customer Fuzzy Matching

Involved in design and development of fuzzy customer analytics system to generate potential customer sales leads for a media company.

Sun Microsystems Inc.

Staff Engineer

@ USA (2000-2005) and India (2005-2011)


Between 2000 to 2005, worked at USA as framework architect for hardware validation diagnostics tool. Extensively based on C, Java, XML technologies, the tool uses the agents (written in Java) running on individual machines which drives diagnostics applications (written in C) to run on those machines. The results are then aggregated at the server side which is viewable using web interface.

Between 2005 to 2008, worked at Bangalore office as senior development engineer responsible for the framework module of Sun's internal high availability database HADB's management technology. The framework agents is based on core Java technology. It does a complex job of maintaining the high availability of database nodes based on the concepts of heartbeat, quorum, in-memory database, automatic failover, resolving network partitioning. It also utilizes jgroups library which is used for efficient group multicasting communication purposes. Also responsible to maintain team trees based on svn repository.

Between 2008 to 2011, worked as senior development engineer for hotbackup technology of MySQL Database. This involves database internals of MySQL. The application is written in C. Also responsible for maintaining the development team tree on bazaar repository and scrum lead for bugs management. Extensive experience in also designing various internal PHP/MySQL web applications, python scripting, build lifecycle management.


Lead Advanced Technical Support



Provided advanced level technical support for troubleshooting the problems in Informix Parallel Database Server Engine, used for data warehousing. Involved in customer escalation handling, root cause analysis and bug fixing. The related technologies include database internals, C, gdb and multi-platform portable software development.

International Business Machines (IBM)

Software Engineer (Contractor)



Involved in design and implementation of application level security mechanism for the application called file collections, used to replicate file sets and keep them in sync in a distributed environment. Worked as consultant for Indotronix International Corp., NY. The related technolgies include C, distributed systems, security, kerberos and Perl scripting.

GE Medical Systems

Systems Analyst

@Bangalore, India


Involved in development of various software applications to provide solutions for X-Ray systems of GE Medical Systems. The related technologies include C/C++, Java, Unix/Linux internals, medical devices, serial ports communication internals, UML, X/Motif, XLib, network applications for remote diagnostics of embedded systems.


Indian Institute Of Science - Bangalore, India

Master Of Engineering in Computer Science

@Bangalore, India


Holds Masters degree in Computer Science from IISc - India's premier research institute.

Thava Alagu — — +91-9731595054